Sunnie Revisions DONE and Available!

Oh, how good it feels to finally SAY that! *releasing balloons and confetti* Sunnie’s Rainbow be found HERE. To celebrate, I dropped Seasons Of A Life to $0.99. My wonderful friend, City Chick a.k.a. Donna will be posting a review of Seasons on her blog, as well as a mini interview. She asks the most fun questions! I will link to her when it’s up.

Work on the next book is coming along well. I’m so pleased that I seem to have gotten over whatever mental block I had regarding formatting and such. I keep saying turning 50 is going to be my banner year. Keep an eye on the blog and Facebook page. I’ll be announcing pre-orders for Restoration soon, and a special for those of you who have the original books and would like the revisions. No, I’m not saying anything just yet. 😉

Finally, I hope you like the revised blog. I thought it needed a cleaner, more streamlined look. Next is the website. But that requires help, so I need to check with Heidi. *giggle* Hey, I can only be fabulous in so many areas.

Till next time, Be Blessed!



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