Seasons giveaway at City Chick!

My wonderful friend Donna O., THE City Chick in the Country, will be giving away a signed copy of Seasons Of A Life on her blog. Okay, in reality, she will pick the winner randomly from commenters on her review, and I’ll be sending it. Minor detail.

She sent me a sneak peek at the post, and my friend made me weepy. She really “got” the story. I love it when that happens!

In fact, I love it so much that for 2 days (March 18-19) you can grab Seasons Of A Life on Kindle free* and Sunnie’s Rainbow for $1.99. That’s TWO books for $2! Really great timing considering Restoration is abouthisclose to release. It’s in the hands of my editor/cousin Barbara and I’m working on the cover. I am using the cover Chautona worked up for me for the Kindle. Because I love her. (okay, I love the cover, too) I’m very excited to get Restoration into everyone’s hands.

I’m even more excited about my next project, which will take me far from Lakeville. A friend from church asked me if I would help her write a book about her son, John, who at 42 is in the arms of Jesus. John was severely autistic. They are not sure, medically, why John passed away a short month ago, but Mary is leaning on the fact that God is sovereign. I was humbled and honored when she asked me to please help her put her memories, thoughts and hopes for all autistic children to print. I pray I do it justice. I will post more about this after Restoration is released. Till then, please pray for Mary and her family.

Till Next Time

Be Blessed!


*subject to Amazon’s quirks…due to be free at midnight, 3/18 doesn’t always translate to free at midnight on projected date

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