Pre-Orders for Restoration Now Being Taken!

Oh happy day! I’ve been BURSTING to post this!

Yes, I am now taking pre-orders for Restoration (traditional copies; Kindle will be released on the same day.) I got the manuscript back from my wonderful, magnificent cousin/editor within the last 12 hours. Of course, Wednesday is my busiest day of the week, what with Bible study and then church in the evening. So, I’ve only peeked at it, but I’ll be hard at work over the weekend. (I have 3 other books to read, all Susan Sleeman novels. I may do both, we’ll see.)

The nitty gritty:

Books are $14.99 per copy. Shipping for 1-2 books is $5. Add $1 per book after. Allow 6-8 weeks time from order to delivery, please. I will get it out as soon as possible!

Here’s the added bonus: I revised not only the contents of Seasons of a Life and Sunnie’s Rainbow, but they’ll have all new, fresh covers as well! To celebrate, an exclusive web special through me only, they are both available for $9.99! AN added, EXTRA bonus, if you buy all three titles, I will drop Seasons to $5!

Leave a comment here on the blog or email me ( Run over and “Like” the Facebook page if you haven’t already. If you’d like them signed, please note that in the email/comment. I’ll send you a Pay Pal invoice. So simple!

As the shipping date draws near, I’ll hold a contest for a free copy. If that is not enough excitement, Both Seasons and Sunnie will be coming to NOOK!

I am so happy to finally be close to completion on Restoration! Thank you for the support and encouragement!

Be Blessed!



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