Book Review: Pain Redeemed by Natasha Metzler

Before I begin, I must confess: Natasha sent me this book to review months ago. January 22, to be exact. Notice it’s now MAY. When I opened it up and I read the beginning about infertility, my first thought was, “This ain’t for me. I’ll get back to it.” Oh, how foolish I am. For GOD, the One who knows pain and how to heal it, knew what was coming. He knew that my weak little mind was not wrapping itself around the concept of healing. He knew that one day soon, I’d be unpacking a box that I hadn’t touched in 6 years, and that box would spill out a slew of emotion that I’ve been neatly carrying around in a sealed box. I sealed up my grief over losing my Mom, insisted to myself that I was handling it well, and moved on.

Natasha’s book, Pain Redeemed, is available on her website in PDF, ebook and paperback. I promptly went and bought the Kindle version which comes with a short study guide. I was ready to plunge fully into this marvelous healing that Natasha was talking about in her book.

Death isolates. It leaves people feeling empty, lost, and so very alone. Chapter 4.

Natasha chronicles her journey through pain. It isn’t the exact brand of pain I am feeling; I’ve never known the pain of infertility. Yet, it is still pain and it is searing and deep and taking my breath away. Natasha walked through it, and in her book she shares her most intimate struggles. Empty, lost, alone. We’ve all been there, but sometimes it’s harder for us to climb out of it. It becomes a slippery slimy inside of a barrel and we can’t make it to the top.

Why is the cross at the very center of our faith? Why does communion, baptism, being a servant, all of the Christian faith center on death? Because if you don’t look death in the face you’ll learn to overlook it. Chapter 6

A good reminder. We do overlook death, and by that, our sin that starts to pile up. She brings the reader to see that there are ways to handle the hurt without piling sin on top of it.

In Chapter 10, Natasha closes the book with an astounding confession: she has overcome, yet she still struggles. What? There’s no clear cut and clean way to step out of this? No, my dear friends. For in this world, we will have troubles. (John 16:33) It is in our troubles, in our most desperate moments that we turn to He who has overcome the world. (the rest of John 16:33) The reminder of what I have forgotten. I can look into the face of my struggle, knowing that HE has been there, and HE has overcome it. Yes, the hurt may still hurt. But, because of my hurt, I can minister to others in compassion. As she so succinctly reminds the reader, it’s not about me. It’s about Him. It’s always about Him.

So, as I work my way through the six study questions at the end, I’m so thankful that God gave me exactly what I needed, what He knew I would need, when Natasha sent me the book. It was a good, Biblically based look at grieving and it’s place in our lives. Thank you, Natasha, for opening yourself up and allowing His grace and mercy to pour out.

Natasha lives on a farm in Northern New York with her husband, Amos. She blogs regularly at and is a contributing writer at and



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