Sunnie’s Rainbow is NOOK-ified!

Yay!!! More exciting than the Royal Birth, Sunnie’s Rainbow is now available on NOOK!

Okay, maybe not AS exciting. Maybe MORE exciting. Certainly more relevant to my life. 😉 Not that I’m not happy for Kate and Wills, mind. It’s easily as exciting as the release of Seasons of a Life on NOOK.

More excitement here at The Big Blue House: Restoration is 7 chapters away from completion! The cover is done, all I’m waiting on is to click those “upload” buttons!!! I really need to stay away from that until it’s all ready. I get all excited and click when I shouldn’t.

*as an aside, exactly how many times can I use the word “excited” in one post?*

Be keeping an eye on the blog, as I have a terrific (and exciting 😉 ) giveaway planned for August. Oh, now! If I tell you, it won’t be…you know…exciting!

Until next time,

Be Blessed!


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