Itchy Fingers…

No sooner than I have Restoration all neatly tucked in, than I feel the need to start over again.

It’s a disease. 😉

I’m going to take a Lakeville break for the next book, but rest assured that Lakeville is never, ever far away from my mind. In fact, the 67,897 version of book four is opened up and sitting in my dock. Yes, it has changed drastically since the original manuscript, but…

In any case, I may have a cover contest for the next book. Still mulling that over.

Speaking of contests, please check back on MONDAY…there’s a festive spirit in the air!



I am off to the land of refining, to get caught up in an intense spiritual battle over…oh, well, if I go on, you’ll know all about the next book. You’ll just have to wait a bit longer to hear about it.

Till Next Time…Let Those Dreams SOAR!


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