Family and Faith Friendly Foto Friday

Wow, That was a long title 😉

Since I was up before the sun this morning, I was cruising around Facebook and found a post by Kimberly Payne asking to post your faith pictures on her blog. I’ve been enjoying the little memes she puts up almost daily. Then I thought, “Hey! I can go make one!”

I took this shot in my new favorite Monday spot to sit, eat lunch and do my Bible study. Majestic View Park, and, oh my, is that a fitting name for this place. Situated so you can see the great Front Range of the Rocky Mountains, the day I snapped this there was a storm brewing. It was amazing to watch it build over the peaks, then start moving north east right to me! In a little over 40 minutes, I was getting pelted with huge, fat, COLD rain!
North Table Mountain from Majestic View Park

The Faith and Family Matters blog is hosted by Kimberly, Janet Stobie and Janice Cox. LOTS of good reading over there.

Enjoy your weekend! Dream Big and SOAR HIGH!




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