Coming Soon: Review of The Harbinger, Decoded

Yes, you read that right: the review is coming soon.

Sometime in October, on The Harbinger Jonathan Cahn (Official Site), a request for reviewers was posted. I was so pleased to be chosen! My DVD arrived within a week of the post, and my review was supposed to be up in 7-10 days of the arrival of the package.

Needless to say, life intervened. Between basketball practices and games, Bible study and a few illnesses tossed in, I did not get to this in the manner agreed upon. I would like to formally apologize, first  to Rabbi Cahn, and to Charisma Media for the delay. You entrusted me to view and review in a timely fashion, and I failed to abide by that.

Yes, the review is coming. You see, this is a book and DVD of enormous magnitude and it deserves to be done correctly. There is a great amount of information to absorb. I had trouble writing down all the Biblical references on the first view. If you have ever been blessed to hear Rabbi Cahn speak, you know that it’s jam packed!

I am now determined to watch this several more times. I need the time to process an gather my notes into a coherent post. When I first started the book, I was enjoying it as fiction, but…it is so much more! One needs time to readjust the lens and read it in the proper light; it is a modern day parable, shall we say. A message given to Rabbi Cahn to be shared.

A little semi-biographical background: my beloved hubby and two older sons were baptized by Rabbi Cahn many years ago. (I don’t remember the exact date, and my man isn’t at home at the moment) My mother-in-law attended Beth Israel Congregation when it was a small meeting in the days before Jonathan joined them. We enjoyed the radio show, Two Nice Jewish Boys, watched the congregation grow; she joined in the building walk (people in the congregation marched around the building in Garfield before it was purchased, just like Jericho!) and Rabbi Cahn prayed over my son Jonah when I was expecting. Afterwards, he said it was the first time he’d ever prayed for Jonah IN the belly!

To learn more about or purchase the book and DVD series, you can go to The Harbinger-Jonathan Cahn. The crux of the message, as it was in Israel’s day, is that there is time to repent, turn back to God both personally and as a nation. As Solomon prayed when dedicating the Temple, God answered and said:

If my people, which are called by my name, shall humble themselves, and pray, and seek my face, and turn from their wicked ways; then will I hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin, and will heal their land. (2 Chronicles 2:17)

The time is now. If you are not a believer, the time is now. Turn from your sin, and turn to God. If you are a believer, now is the time for your light to burn brightly. The Harbingers are a warning. Don’t ignore them.




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