Technical Difficulties, Again

If I believed in such things as The Fates, I would certainly say they were out to get me.

My long beloved, but problematic, dying MacBook (aptly named Q) has decided that my manuscripts are all his property and has been blocking every effort of mine to send them to myself by way of email, Google Docs, Dropbox and thumb drive. No matter what I try, they will not go through. It’s a very frustrating situation. I printed 65 pages of Trial and Triumph, since that’s the one that keeps disappearing. I’ve been transcribing it over, editing along the way, so it’s not all for naught. I did manage to download a copy of Angels Unaware, since I had it in my email. I also successfully sent/uploaded my graphics

The inner Trek Geek in me chastises my more sensible side, by reminding me that Q never did get along with Guinan, the name of my new touch screen Asus. It seems an odd coincidence, though, does it not?

This morning, when I planned on getting on Q and copying and pasting the 3 pertinent manuscripts, by hand, to email and a web site, low and behold, Q was frozen . He is now shut down. Ugh. This is not going well.

I seems to have a love/hate relationship with my electronic pals. They never seem to quite live up to their vaulted reputations. Oh well. I guess I need that reminder to my put my trust in anything but Jesus. And, perhaps, a notebook. whistle



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