Pastor George Morrison – A Model of Godly Leadership

So very honored to have attended this church the past 7 years and sat under his teaching. Godspeed, Pastor George, as you and Cheryl step into a new adventure!

Elevate Leadership Coaching

A Celebration of Leadership

A few days ago I attended a celebration party forthe ministry of Pastor George Morrison. Pastor George has served as the senior pastor of Faith Bible Chapel in Arvada, Colorado for 33 years. Pastor George recently turned over the senior leadership of the church to his successor and a celebration was held in his honor to thank him and his wife and highlight theiraccomplishments over 33 years of ministry.

The evening was filled with great laughter, joy, and emotion. Pastors, city leaders, friends, congregants, and family members expressed their gratitude and their affection for Pastor George. Every word that was spoken painted a picture of a person whose life demonstrated in dramatic fashion the qualities of a Godly leader.

I have attended Faith Bible Chapel since I was 13 years old and I have worked theresince I was 21. I have watched Pastor George for many…

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