Thanksgiving Blessings To All!

Hello faithful readers!

It’s been a busy time around the Big Blue House. Well, honestly, when is it not? I’ve been working on Angels Unaware, and I’m so excited about it! I just love this story. I also have the perfect cover art for it. Now, if you’ve been with me a while you know that I was searching high and low for the owner of that fabulous angel graphic. Unfortunately, I am unable to locate them. But, a dear friend of mine took a magnificent shot of a church roof, with clouds and…well, you’ll see when I get my cover mocked up.

One reason I am so in love with this particular story is that I feel it really shows why faith in Jesus is so very important. I’m not a big evangelist in person. In fact, I get a bit shy about talking about faith. However, the Lord has given me this gift of writing, and I can express it there.

Another reason is this story was the last that my sweet friend Sandy proofread for me. We unexpectedly lost Sandy in August 2015. But, as you know, if you’ve been around me a while, nothing is unexpected to our Great Heavenly Father. She encouraged me, supported me, listened to me rant about everything and nothing. I miss her very much, as do many others. She was “one of those people,” one who made everyone feel as though they were her best good friend. This is her book. If you frequent my Facebook page, you probably saw this post:

SandySo. Funny story that my sweet friend and patient proof-reader Sandy would have gotten a giggle out of. After I designated and signed all my copies, I sat down to savor that moment when all your work pays off…when you actually SEE your baby live on paper. Right there on the very first page of the very first chapter. A huge, glaringly obvious typo. Sandy always reminded me to wait on her; and she always caught even the smallest of errors in the manuscript. Man, I miss her for more than her proofing skills. She always encouraged me to wait on the very best and not to settle for good enough. One day, we’ll laugh over this. Needless to say, the book will be off market for 24 hours. I hope everyone who receives the “Over Confident Author Version” can chuckle too. #bagoverhead #crazyauthor


On December 11, look for Kindle Countdown Deals on all of my books except Seasons of a Life. That will stay at it’s normal $1.99, but you can pick up all 4 books for under $10 for at least 2 days! The Countdown will run until December 18, when the books will return to their regular listed price.

I am thankful for you all, for reading and enjoying my books, for spreading the word about them, for encouragement and support. I hope that you and yours, whoever and wherever they might be, have a blessed Thanksgiving.






Repeat Post: Have I Ever Shown You My Real-Life Silas?

October 23 update: Yes, this is a repost. But, with a purpose. You see, my real-life Silas has a beautiful baby daughter, who is 4 months old. She was just diagnosed with adrenal cancer, and is in Children’s Hospital in Aurora CO, as I type. So, I am asking all of those who follow my sporadic blog to pray for baby Annaliese, and her parents, Mike (Silas) and Sarah, as they walk through chemoptherapy. Also, here is a link to Annaliese’s Caring Bridge page.


Yes, I do happen to know a young man from church who looks exactly how Silas looks in my mind. The first time I saw him, I sort of shoved poor Retro Man (my hunny) off the chair he was in. You see, Mike used to work in the church kitchen. Irony of ironies, right? When I started working in the kitchen, and I found out that Shelly is his mom, I asked her if anyone in Lakeville reminded her of Silas…she thought a moment, then laughed. So, here’s a few shots of Mike, a.k.a. Silas giggle4 Silas #1 Silas #2 Thanks to Shelly for sharing him with the world…well, my little corner of it, anyhow. dhsigbanner

The Winner Is…

She Who Must Not Be Named! *nice handle giggle4*  SWMNBN, Please email me your address so we can get your copy of Sunnie’s Rainbow right in the mail.

SunnRevise4Sunnie’s Rainbow is the second book in the Lakeville series.

Sunshine Young has moved back to Lakeville. Her life has changed and she’s making a new life in her hometown. A fender bender begins a whole new chapter in Sunnie’s uncomplicated life. Complications abound as Sunnie struggles to truly put behind past hurts and open her heart to the Lord’s way.
Amazon reviewers say:
This book, the 2nd in the series, is an excellent read. I devoured it as I did Seasons of a Life. I absolutely can NOT wait for the next book to come out as I really want to see how these characters are doing. The conversational way D.H. Barbara writes is like having a talk with my bestie. This lady has talent! ~Rosanna
This is a good story with realistic twists and turns for the characters. Excellent use of conflict to develop characters the reader cares about. The story does go on a bit long but keeps your attention. The formatting of the book sometimes make it difficult to determine which character is speaking. I recommend this book to anyone who enjoys Christian fiction with a bit of romance thrown in. ~ P. Williams
My favorite fiction combines a good relationship story with the story of someone’s coming to faith. This book does just that, and in a very powerful way. If you enjoyed Seasons of a Life, you’ll love this one! ~ Annalise
I hope you enjoy it too, Sheila. (Yes, I know who she is!)

Time For…

A giveaway!

It seems like some time since I posted a flash giveaway. Since Tom is a high school football star and the Super Bowl is in my beloved home state this Sunday, AND I just found out that my friend’s son will be in the half time show, AAAND, it’s his dad who was my “tech adviser” on police matters when I wrote Sunnie’s Rainbow….

*take a breath*


Offense: Hitting a Lakeville police cruiser

Culprit: Sunshine Young

Charges: Love at First Crash

Complaint: Filed under: Destiny

Plans for Sunnie’s new life in Lakeville did not include police interference. They have been put on probation, under the watchful eye of Officer Tom Jacobs.

Sentenced to Lifetime Surveillance

Read Sunnie’s Rainbow to see how the case unfolds.

Use the super-cool Rafflecopter form. The only mandatory entry is to leave a comment, which is the question “Who will win the Big Game on Sunday?” (must use the form)  If you’d like to share via Facebook, Twitter, blog, etc, go for it! For updates on new releases, sign up for the newsletter. Follow the blog. Like the Facebook page and follow on Twitter and Pinterest. Don’t you just love social media? party_19

Winner announced here on February 4. Look for the Bergenfield High School marching band during half time. GO BEARS!

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What’s the Buzz? Mondays

Happy New Year!

On “What’s the Buzz? Mondays” I’ll add a little of this and that…just to keep you up to date on things that are buzzin’ in my life as #crazyauthor.

Book Buzz:

To Tuscany, With Love by Gail Mencini…tells the story of seven friends who spend a summer in Italy as youths, and reunite 30 years later. Secrets are broken and friendships, as well as old romances, mend. Some semi-graphic details I would have been happy without, and I frankly think the book would have been better without, but it was a decent read.


34 days, 0 hours, 42 minutes, 23 seconds till the Daytona 500…more or less party_19

WIP Buzz:

Angels Unaware: Chapters 1-4 in process editing, still looking for the original owner of the shot I want to use as the cover


Trial and Triumph (Lakeville 4): cover designed, 23,453 words in process

Wynter’s Gift (Lakeville Christmas Novella): cover designed; editing to begin in May

By The Hand of His Grace (Lakeville 5): cover designed, still under 5000 words

Bible Buzz:

Studying Acts with Community Bible Study and reading through Psalm 119

What’s buzzin’ around you?

Till next time, dream big!

Celebrate FREEDOM With a Free Book!

What better way to celebrate freedom than by getting something free? We all know the FREEDOM we enjoy in this wonderful country did not come without strings and the life’s blood of many men and women. So, Between July 4 and July 7, grab a little something that is really FREE….a Kindle copy of Sunnie’s Rainbow!

From the front matter:

To all the men and women who serve this country, be it on homeland or foreign soil, God bless and protect each and every one of you.

To the families, no matter if they endure odd hours or long deployments, God’s grace and mercy.

 Especially to the wives of all our fine men, thank you for your selfless spirits. May the Lord’s peace always hold your hearts. Thank you.

Blessings to all, till next time,


My goofy little book trailer:

Winner! And, Patiently Waiting

Gay Idle won a signed copy of Seasons Of A Life from Donna O’s review post. Gay’s blog, Captive Heart, is inspiring and downright pretty to look at! Enjoy it with a steaming cuppa. Congrats, Gay, and I hope you enjoy Seasons!

I am partially patient in waiting on my edited manuscript. So far, I have avoided sending my cousin a slew of emails asking if she read it, or hated it, or any combination thereof. If we still lived in NJ, I probably would have driven to her house by now. Just to sit and watch the door in case she left.

While I semi-patiently wait, I’ve been learning GIMP (freeware version of Photoshop) and working on covers. I found a wonderful graphic that captures the heart of the story. With many emails back and forth to Chautona, I think I’ve gotten the basic cover mocked up. It’s been fun, a wee bit frustrating and so rewarding! Sort of like parenting.

Now, if only I could get my blogging up to par. 😉 I’ll try to be more prolific. There’s plenty in my brain that needs a place to land besides my husband’s ears.

Till Next Time!