Coming Out Of Seclusion…

Wow, has it been that long? Feels like it!

I like the new look of the dashboard here on WordPress, but that’s besides the point. I’ve been working hard in my new position as Children’s Director for my Community Bible Study class, and the Lord very clearly told me to focus on that and lay the writing down a while.

Oh, the agony.

But, since I am almost finished with the main objective (craft preparation, sorting and bagging) I heard a small voice say, “Almost.”

*balloons and confetti are released*

I put down a very important project, and I’m excited to be picking it back up. Karen was most gracious when I told her the book would be delayed till 2015. (really, she was…) In 2 weeks I’ll be at the annual fundraiser she holds, and we’ll be doing some pre-release press. It’s all very exciting. To celebrate, I will have my Lakeville books on Kindle on sale for $0.99 each.

Please hop over to Karens For The Cure and pray about helping this wonderful cause.

K4TC postcard

Happy Mother’s Day!

What better way to celebrate than with a $0.99 Kindle book? How about THREE of them? Beginning Saturday, May 10* all three Lakeville series books will be priced down to $0.99 in celebration! Sunnie’s Rainbow and Restoration will start out at $0.99 on Saturday, May 10* and incrementally rise back to their current list prices.

Seasons of a Life is the foundational novel in the Lakeville series. 4SeasonsRevise

In Seasons of a Life, you are introduced to Samantha Young, matriarch of the Young family. (On a side note, I do not like the word ‘matriarch.” It makes Sammie sound ancient.) Sammie is a widow, on the threshold of an empty nest. When she meets her best friend, Victoria, for lunch in town one day, she also makes the acquaintance of Rob Revell. Their chance meeting leads to a blossoming friendship and more as Sammie realizes the Lord has brought her to a new season in her life. Get to know her five children, who are the focal point of the series’ continuation.

Sunnie’s Rainbow, the second Lakeville novel, follows Sammie’s eldest and tempestuous daughter, Sunnie, as she begins a new chapter of life back home in Lakeville.

SunnRevise4Sunnie comes to terms with the father she was unable to reconcile with, as well as a new and growing faith. She’s comfortable with her status until a minor fender bender reconnects her with a handsome police officer. Through a stormy romance, Sunnie struggles with commitment and living out her new faith in terms of a relationship. Complications abound, but the couple perseveres as Sunnie finds herself able to give her heart freely, without reservation.



Restoration spans a time period beginning in Seasons of a Life, through Sunnie’s Rainbow and beyond, capturing the lives of the Young men, Silas and Jude, as they come of age.

Restore thumbAlthough their lives take very different paths, Silas and Jude remain as close as brothers can be. Everything the outgoing Silas dreams of becomes his reality. His faith and confidence take a hard hit when he and his wife hit the rocky grounds of infertility. Quiet and reserved Jude finds himself in an unexpected relationship fraught with problems from the word go. It drives a wedge between the brothers, who find that they have grown to believe very different things. Crisis draws them back to God and each other.


The sale ends on Tuesday, May 13. You’re best buy will be on Saturday, when all three books are priced at $0.99. What a great gift for mom or any friend in your life. I hope you enjoy your Mother’s Day and spend sometime in Lakeville with the Young family.

*Prices and dates subject to’s timetable, which doesn’t always perfectly coincide with mine.


Overwhelmed! Thank You!

What a wonderful birthday celebration I had! The Denver Library (SEVEN foors!) then The Tattered Cover (over 1 million books!) and over 1400 downloads of Seasons of a Life, Sunnie’s Rainbow and Restoration! Thank you to all who shared about Lakeville.

The books are back to their regular prices, but don’t forget to get your Kindle authorgraph! Click on the box on the top right and it will take you to the page. Also, my books are enrolled in Amazon’s Kindle Matchbook program. Purchase a traditional copy of the book, and get a Kindle copy for a great deal!

Again, thank you so much!


I’m Back…With Freebies!

Hello, friends!

Let’s just say the past 7 weeks have been fraught with dental issues and computer glitches. I thought I lost FOUR manuscripts *GASP!!!* but it was a silly misunderstanding between Q (my not-so-trusty MacBook) and Apple updates. The dental issues will be resolved tomorrow. (Feel free to pray for  me)

So, in light of several things, I thought I’d schedule a few freebies. I had a flash giveaway on the Facebook page last night to celebrate Kyle Busch’s first win of the season, and since my birthday is rolling around this weekend, well…

Sunnie’s Rainbow and Restoration will both be free on Kindle only for a limited time! Seasons of a Life will remain at it’s usual low price of $1.99. Starting on March 28 through March 30. What better way to whet the appetite for the next two THREE Lakeville novels AND party on my birthday? (It’s Saturday, March 29, by the way.)

I am very excited about By The Hand of His Grace, a very special and important Lakeville book that will be out in October. I will share more about Autumn’s story soon. Trial and Triumph, book four in the series, will feature Tom and Sunnie, shooting for September availability. Wynter’s Gift, A Lakeville Christmas Novella will round out 2014 at Thanksgiving time. So, I best get busy!

Keep an eye on Amazon for your free downloads. I am working on getting the books on other platforms, my apologies to those who don’t have a Kindle. You can get a free Kindle App for all devices.


The Winner Is…

She Who Must Not Be Named! *nice handle giggle4*  SWMNBN, Please email me your address so we can get your copy of Sunnie’s Rainbow right in the mail.

SunnRevise4Sunnie’s Rainbow is the second book in the Lakeville series.

Sunshine Young has moved back to Lakeville. Her life has changed and she’s making a new life in her hometown. A fender bender begins a whole new chapter in Sunnie’s uncomplicated life. Complications abound as Sunnie struggles to truly put behind past hurts and open her heart to the Lord’s way.
Amazon reviewers say:
This book, the 2nd in the series, is an excellent read. I devoured it as I did Seasons of a Life. I absolutely can NOT wait for the next book to come out as I really want to see how these characters are doing. The conversational way D.H. Barbara writes is like having a talk with my bestie. This lady has talent! ~Rosanna
This is a good story with realistic twists and turns for the characters. Excellent use of conflict to develop characters the reader cares about. The story does go on a bit long but keeps your attention. The formatting of the book sometimes make it difficult to determine which character is speaking. I recommend this book to anyone who enjoys Christian fiction with a bit of romance thrown in. ~ P. Williams
My favorite fiction combines a good relationship story with the story of someone’s coming to faith. This book does just that, and in a very powerful way. If you enjoyed Seasons of a Life, you’ll love this one! ~ Annalise
I hope you enjoy it too, Sheila. (Yes, I know who she is!)

Time For…

A giveaway!

It seems like some time since I posted a flash giveaway. Since Tom is a high school football star and the Super Bowl is in my beloved home state this Sunday, AND I just found out that my friend’s son will be in the half time show, AAAND, it’s his dad who was my “tech adviser” on police matters when I wrote Sunnie’s Rainbow….

*take a breath*


Offense: Hitting a Lakeville police cruiser

Culprit: Sunshine Young

Charges: Love at First Crash

Complaint: Filed under: Destiny

Plans for Sunnie’s new life in Lakeville did not include police interference. They have been put on probation, under the watchful eye of Officer Tom Jacobs.

Sentenced to Lifetime Surveillance

Read Sunnie’s Rainbow to see how the case unfolds.

Use the super-cool Rafflecopter form. The only mandatory entry is to leave a comment, which is the question “Who will win the Big Game on Sunday?” (must use the form)  If you’d like to share via Facebook, Twitter, blog, etc, go for it! For updates on new releases, sign up for the newsletter. Follow the blog. Like the Facebook page and follow on Twitter and Pinterest. Don’t you just love social media? party_19

Winner announced here on February 4. Look for the Bergenfield High School marching band during half time. GO BEARS!

a Rafflecopter giveaway



Sunnie’s Rainbow is NOOK-ified!

Yay!!! More exciting than the Royal Birth, Sunnie’s Rainbow is now available on NOOK!

Okay, maybe not AS exciting. Maybe MORE exciting. Certainly more relevant to my life. 😉 Not that I’m not happy for Kate and Wills, mind. It’s easily as exciting as the release of Seasons of a Life on NOOK.

More excitement here at The Big Blue House: Restoration is 7 chapters away from completion! The cover is done, all I’m waiting on is to click those “upload” buttons!!! I really need to stay away from that until it’s all ready. I get all excited and click when I shouldn’t.

*as an aside, exactly how many times can I use the word “excited” in one post?*

Be keeping an eye on the blog, as I have a terrific (and exciting 😉 ) giveaway planned for August. Oh, now! If I tell you, it won’t be…you know…exciting!

Until next time,

Be Blessed!