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An Unlikely View…a Different Review

WOW! This was a powerful post, and almost to the letter of how I feel about and view the Harry Potter series. A very good and thoughtful review

Sarah Cinnamon

untitledAs I sit here this evening – I am overwhelmed with words and emotion and yet unsure how to express either. Days ago, I walked into a movie theater to view a movie I had been excited about since I had first heard it was in the works. Beauty and the Beast. I was 15 years old when the animated version came out. I remember watching it with my sister when she was home on break from college. I remember at the time feeling so moved by such a beautiful movie. The story hit me personally somehow; the music moved me; the characters impacted me. I remember even then thinking – how can this beautifully crafted cartoon have such an affect on me? So to say that I was both excited and nervous about the live action version is a bit understated. Excited to revisit a favorite in a new…

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Pastor George Morrison – A Model of Godly Leadership

So very honored to have attended this church the past 7 years and sat under his teaching. Godspeed, Pastor George, as you and Cheryl step into a new adventure!

Elevate Leadership Coaching

A Celebration of Leadership

A few days ago I attended a celebration party forthe ministry of Pastor George Morrison. Pastor George has served as the senior pastor of Faith Bible Chapel in Arvada, Colorado for 33 years. Pastor George recently turned over the senior leadership of the church to his successor and a celebration was held in his honor to thank him and his wife and highlight theiraccomplishments over 33 years of ministry.

The evening was filled with great laughter, joy, and emotion. Pastors, city leaders, friends, congregants, and family members expressed their gratitude and their affection for Pastor George. Every word that was spoken painted a picture of a person whose life demonstrated in dramatic fashion the qualities of a Godly leader.

I have attended Faith Bible Chapel since I was 13 years old and I have worked theresince I was 21. I have watched Pastor George for many…

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Moving Soon…

Hi everyone 🙂

Just letting you know that the blog will be moving soon to my website, which is undergoing an overhaul.

Isn’t that a stunning sentence?

In case this takes longer than I estimate (which is entirely possible!) I wish you all a very Merry Christmas and a Hap-hap-happy New Year!

October Joy Tree

Books For Sale!

Do you remember that classic children’s book Caps For Sale? Oh, I loved that!

Well, like the beloved tale, one can never own too many books, right?

New book is available and so are the other 3. If you would like a copy of any of the Lakeville Series, message me or email me You can pay me via PayPal or my nifty new Cash Me account.

Pricing (includes S&H):

Seasons of a Life, $9.99
Sunnie’s Rainbow, $12.99
Restoration, $15.99
All three above for $25.99
By The Hand of His Grace, proceeds to benefit Karens or The Cure, $14.95

All can be found on

Thank you!

By The Hand of His Grace Release Update

Hi everyone,

Yes, I have been busy editing, cover creating, etc. And, I have some great news; the KINDLE pre-order is LIVE! By The Hand of His Grace

I have a Kickstarter campaign going for the hard copy. Please consider backing this very important project. Here is the backstory, since it’s been a while:

By The Hand of His Grace is the fourth installment of the Lakeville series, and the story of Autumn’s bought with breast cancer.

I had determined long ago that Autumn would not be a primary character in any Lakeville stories, but the Lord had other plans for her and me. In December of 2013 I heard a clear call from Him to write a Lakeville book for my friend Karen, who holds an annual fundraiser for Koman. As I pondered the possibility, He was clear that it was to be Autumn’s story. I hoped to have it ready for her event this year, but I had to complete my preparation for taking the director’s position at CBS. Karen understood, and she’s excited about the book’s progress for next year. 100% of the proceeds will be given to Karens For The Cause (


Book Review: Explosive Alliance by Susan Sleeman

Susan is one of my inspirations as an author. She weaves great stories with faith, intrigue and suspense.


20150715_100633Another terrific book in an exciting series by Susan!
Right off the bat, you’re entrenched in the action…a bomb is about to go off in a crowded football stadium. The gal who discovers the backpack device, Krista, has a shady enough past of her own to be intriguing. She worries about that background being discovered, but goes for help in the form of Cash Dixon, member of the First Response Squad. She alone is the person who can identify the bomber.
Krista is plunged into the spotlight and as a result, her past becomes known to the team and others. Cash promises to keep her safe from the bomber’s retaliation, but the team is concerned, not only about Krista’s past but Cash’s obvious attraction to her. If Cash cannot keep his priorities straight, things can go very badly for him, Krista and the First Response Squad.
Susan tells a fantastic…

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