Winner! And, Patiently Waiting

Gay Idle won a signed copy of Seasons Of A Life from Donna O’s review post. Gay’s blog, Captive Heart, is inspiring and downright pretty to look at! Enjoy it with a steaming cuppa. Congrats, Gay, and I hope you enjoy Seasons!

I am partially patient in waiting on my edited manuscript. So far, I have avoided sending my cousin a slew of emails asking if she read it, or hated it, or any combination thereof. If we still lived in NJ, I probably would have driven to her house by now. Just to sit and watch the door in case she left.

While I semi-patiently wait, I’ve been learning GIMP (freeware version of Photoshop) and working on covers. I found a wonderful graphic that captures the heart of the story. With many emails back and forth to Chautona, I think I’ve gotten the basic cover mocked up. It’s been fun, a wee bit frustrating and so rewarding! Sort of like parenting.

Now, if only I could get my blogging up to par. ­čśë I’ll try to be more prolific. There’s plenty in my brain that needs a place to land besides my husband’s ears.

Till Next Time!